Czajkowski Dawid

B. on the Groundhog Day {02.02.1985} - A graduate of the Szczecin Art Academy {2017}. The author's posters were shown at international exhibitions, including in Finland, USA, Turkey, China, Ecuador, Russia, Mongolia, Hungary, Madrid, Ukraine, Greece and many times in Poland.

The author was a participant of reviews for individual invitations in China, Iran, Slovakia, Mexico and Korea. Curator and founder of the Gilotyna Gallery

Artistic activist, animator of creative areas, as well as the initiator of the original motivational program PRASA - Plan for the Development and Activation of Artists' Students and the platform of Posters Involved (self-edition posters, artistic events).

The author is interested in synthesis as a form of expression in the socio-political commentary. The most important thing in his work is asking questions and striving to source them rather than answering them.

Currently, he is a volunteer at the Social Campaign Studio at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, a freelancer.