Drewinski Lex

"When it comes to the art of poster, one adds by subtracting"

He was born in 1951 in Szczecin. Drewiński studied and graduated with honours at the poster class of prof. Waldemar Świerzy at the PWSSP (now the University of Arts) in Poznań. He has a PhD at the Academy of Arts in Poznań and postdoc at the University of Arts in Poznań. Nominated for a professor of visual arts (University of Arts in Poznań) by the President of the Republic of Poland. From 1981, he collaborated with Pol-Film in Warsaw. Between 1983-1985 he held a position as director and screenwriter at the Animation Film Studio in Poznań. In 1985, he emigrated to West Berlin where he has studied computer graphics (at the CIMDATA GmbH Institute). In 1992, he won the competition for the position of professor of Graphic Design at the Fachhochschule Potsdam in Potsdam (Germany) where he taught classes till 2017. From 2010 to the present, he also teaches the Multimedia Graphic Design class at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. From 2002 to 2016, he wrote for the 2 + 3D design magazine. Honorary member of STGU (Association of Graphic Designers) and the Union of Designers. He received over 180 prizes and distinctions for his works, mainly international ones.

These are some of them, from 2000 onwards:
• 1st prize, Trnava Poster Triennial 2000, Trnava 2000
• Grand Prix, International Poster Exhibition, Ningbo 2001
• 1st prize, "I Love Design" International Poster Competition, Beijing 2002
• Master's Eye Award, Trnava Poster Triennial, Trnava 2003
• Gold medal, International exhibition "Satyrykon '2004". Legnica, 2004
• 1st prize, Poster Competition "Polish Airlines LOT", Warsaw 2005
• 1st prize, Computer Art Biennale - Rzeszów, Rzeszów 2006
• Grand Prix, International Triennial Of Stage Poster - Sofia 2007
• 1st prize, 1st Multimedia Szajna Festival Rzeszów, Rzeszów 2008
• Silver medal, 21st Biennale of Polish Poster. Katowice, 2009
• Gold medal, International Biennial of the Poster in Mexico, Mexico 2010
• Grand Prix, Prague International Art & Design Exhibition Virtual Biennale, Prague 2011
• Grand Prix, Awakening World Awards, Tehran 2012
• Award winner, The 12th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition, Fort Collins, Colorado 2013
• Grand Prix, International Poster Competition "Ekoplagat", Żilina 2014
• The prize of the town of Gabrovo - the GASCAR statuette, Gabrovo 2015
• Leipzig Poster Prize "Complete Works" Leipzig 2016, III International Poster Exhibition, Leipzig 2016
• 3rd prize - Poster Quadrennial Bardejov 2017, Bardejov 2017
• Gold medal, 10th Virtual Biennale Prague 2018, Prague 2018
• and many others.

He had over 60 individual exhibitions, in Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Damascus, Guadalajara, London, Madrid, Mexico, Nicosia, Beijing, Stockholm and Quito, to mention just some of the places.

In 2000, his "LexICON A-Z" was exhibited at Center Georges Pompidou in Paris as an example of a graphic design project which addresses the core concept vocabulary of the 21st-century human.