Liu Yongfeng

Yongfeng Liu ,Graphic Designer, Art Director, Member of the Chinese Designers Association (CDA). He has worked as designer or art director in Beijing Z-ONE Company, Beijing Qiwenyunhai Culture Communication Co., Ltd, and Beijing Woowe Creative and Culture Company. He is committed to brand design, production packed design and brand advertisement promotion in recent years. He was served as the main plane visual designer of the 30th China International Sporting Goods, the white wine packaging designer of Guizhou Chunyuan Wine Industry Company, advertisement design of Hainan Airlines travel routes, design of Chinese Traditional Moral book, brand design of GDS etc. Most of his works have won prizes and selected by domestic and international competition and exhibitions, such as TAMGA the 9th International Biennial of Trade Marks and Logotypes, China Design Yearbook Volume VIII, the 7th APD-Asia-Pacific Design Yearbook, 2013 China Brand Design Yearbook, 2011 Paris Poster for Tomorrow International Poster Competition, the 4th China New Prominent Designers Yearbook, 2011 Chinese Designer Works Yearbook, the best design of 2008 China Star • Advertising & Poster, the honorable mention of 2007 Harmonious China Public Welfare Design Competition etc.