Master of Arts majoring in Visual Communication Design, graduated from Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta, Indonesia; a graphic designer, design observer and consultant, focusing on graphic design, posters, typography, visual branding, and illustrations.
He is actively involved in various art and design exhibitions. He has won awards, be a winner, finalist, selected designer, or invited designer in the various national and international art events. Besides Indonesia, his works have been exhibited or presented with other legendary and popular designers in the United States, England, Japan, Taiwan, Republic of China, Cyprus, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Ecuador, Turkey, Jamaica, India, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, Iran, Poland, Switzerland, Egypt, Mexico, Tunisia, Czech Republic, and Peru.
On several occasions, he also became a speaker, guest lecturer, or jury member in the various national art events. He has also been judging in the 2018 Design Cup, Kyrgyzstan.
As a contribution in the homeland, he was also involved as a member of the local artist community. He actively works on social projects on a local scale to help local artists and students develop their abilities and knowledge about art and to prepare them to participate in the art competitions.