Prstojević Luka

Whether we want it or not, our senses suffer the consequences for the accumulation of a countless amount of information daily. This incapability to deal with this amount of information, evokes passive behaviour and rewards superficiality. In this confusion, dazed and sluggish, we lose the ability to recognize the truth. This superficiality, and the lack of deep thought, is the ideal foundation for the decadence of human values. The artist has the duty to find the essence! There is a need for action, and a necessity to search for the truth. The truth hiding behind the curtains of a false shine. What this work is about and what fuels my driving energy is, not only the search for the truth, but the fight against the human condition that actively invests energy in an effort to deny us this urge for life. This life energy of the humanity, the desire for adventure and exploration. Because of this human urge, mankind has accomplished the wonders we see today, and that is why it is our duty to nourish this precious adventure spirit. The poster here has the role of a trigger. Both mental and physical. With its shine it calls upon for action, it raises suspicion and lures the individual to scratch beneath the surface.