Zbrzeźniak Filip

"I have been a designer for 10 years, my poster idol is Lex Drewinski, who interested me in minimalist style, iconography which I present in my work on paper. on every piece of elevation, speed and rush of life one should reach people with something concise, very definite, like a road sign STOP.The inspiration for my work is life, observing everything that surrounds us, I point out the "wonders" of this world through a symbol, sharp - bright, and sometimes with humor and irony.The politics of nature, sport, every area of ​​life is suitable for the poster: My poster is the expression of my personal manifesto for things that are distorted in our strange world, but also highlighting something beautiful, giving it a new simple modernist I want to share it with others and give me a smile and sometimes emotions it will turn the tear in the eye.
Awards :
_ Warsaw Biennale 2018
_ Biennale Oświęcimskie 2018 (award of the mayor)
_ Polish Graphic Design Awards (nomination)
_ Ideography 2018 (special mention)
_ "AFTER FREEDOM" (1st place in the competition)
_ exhibition in Luxembourg in Ancien
_ foreign exhibitions Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine (Cow Design Festival) "