3rd edition

The third Roller Poster began in July 2017 with an outdoor exhibition on Aleja Kwiatowa in Szczecin. 48 artists applied and sent more than 100 posters. For the 3rd edition, we allowed for the participation of artists from different countries, thus making Roller Poster international. This resulted in exhibiting the works of artists from Mexico, China, Turkey and Ecuador.

In this edition, we turned our ideas into real action and we brought posters to their proper place – for the first time, we displayed self-edition posters in the urban space and presented some of the works sent for this edition on Aleja Kwiatowa in Szczecin. The 3rd edition coincided with the grand final of Tallship Races 2017 in Szczecin, and because of that the posters reached a large, international audience and were seen by residents of Szczecin as well as numerous tourists from Poland and abroad.

In the period in which the exhibition lasted, the Tallships Races 2017 grand final took place in Szczecin. Thanks to this, the posters had a chance to reach a very large number of recipients, not only residents of Szczecin but also tourists from Poland and abroad.

Exhibitions completed as part of the edition:

  • October-November 2017, the main exhibition of posters qualified for the 3rd edition of Roller Poster 2017 took place in three places:
    • Gallery at the Philharmonic of Mieczysław Karłowicz in Szczecin, ul. Małopolska 48;
    • The Rector's Gallery at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, the Palace under the Globe, Pl. Orła Białego 2;
    • Gradual Gallery in Nowy Browar, ul. Partyzantów 2, Szczecin;
  • October 2017, Azoty Arena, Szczecin, a part of the Young Talent Festival;
  • September 2017, Museum of Visual Arts in Heraklion, Crete, Greece;
  • September 2018, NOESIS, Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece, the exhibition "Eco Techno Roller Poster";

The 3rd edition of Roller Poster was co-financed, among others, by the City of Szczecin.

The organizers

  • Department of Graphic Design of the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Academy of Art in Szczecin
  • Virtual Gallery RollerPoster.pl


  • City Szczecin
  • Szczecińska Agencja Artystyczna