4th edition

Ireneusz Kuriata

He deals with various forms of visual arts and graphic design, especially logo/communication design and self-edition poster (recently also its multimedia transformation). A graduate of the Higher School of Applied Arts in Szczecin (now the Academy of Art in Szczecin). A PhD in the self-edition poster at the University of Arts in Poznań and postdocPhD at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań in the field of self-edition (author's poster), a postdoc at the University of Arts in Poznań. He works at the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Academy of Art in Szczecin where he is the head of the Department of Graphic Design, head of the Sign and Identification Forms Design class and Design of Sign and Audiovisual Graphics class.

He took part in many national and international exhibitions related to the poster. He published his works in publications such as 2 + 3D, Polish poster of the 21st century by Krzysztof and Agnieszka Dydo, PGR. Graphic design in Poland by Jacek Mrowczyk and Michał Warda, All that music. Polish music poster 1899-2012 by Krzysztof Dydo, Szczecin Poster by Leszek Żebrowski and in the catalogues of the Katowice Biennale of Posters, the Krakow Poster Biennale, the Warsaw Poster Festival in Wilanów, the Poznań Ideografia Festival as well as other exhibitions at home and abroad.