4th edition

Justyna Machnicka

A poster, logo, UI designer. A graduate of the Higher School of Applied Arts in Szczecin (now transformed into the Academy of Art in Szczecin). Machnicka has a PhD at the University of Arts in Poznań. She is the creator of the Roller Poster, the founder and vice-president of the Generalnie Sztuka (Art in General) Foundation. She writes for the Przekrój magazine (the "Nice pages" column). She works at the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Szczecin Academy of Art and teaches the Publishing and Digital Publishing Design class.

The art of poster, which is at the cross-section of artistic expression and practical function, occupies a special place among her interests and various forms of design she deals with. Her posters frequently advertise cultural events, but there are also more personal and independent works closer to the idea of “self-edition” poster.

Machnicka took part in many poster-related exhibitions, both Polish and international. Her posters were published in the anthology artbook “Oto Sztuka Polskiego Plakatu” (“Here is the Art of Polish Poster”) by Dorota Folga-Januszewska.