4th edition

  1. §1. The idea behind the project

    1. The Roller Poster focuses on comparing and confronting self-edition posters.
  2. §2. The conditions for the participation

    1. In order to participate, you should be an illustrator, a graphic designer or an art school student. Participants from all over the world are accepted.
    2. You should submit 1-4 personal poster works (self-edition) created between July 2017 and March 2019.
    3. Each and every work should be a separate, complete artwork. No series or different variants (regarding colour or composition) of the same work will be accepted.
    4. Posters which insult the religious beliefs, promote racism or hatred, offend different cultures, ideological views or break law in any aspect will not be accepted.
    5. Posters which are collaborations of several artists will not be accepted.
    6. To take part in the project you must set up an account on our website www.rollerposter.pl and submit your works through a dedicated application form.
    7. The first stage. You must send your posters by 1 April 2019 (till 11.59 PM) through a dedicated registration panel.
    8. For the first stage, participants should submit posters as PNG files with a resolution of at least 1400 px x 2000 px in RGB colour mode.
    9. The selection of participants is going to be announced by 3 May 2019 and the artists will be informed if their posters were selected via e-mail.
    10. The second stage Posters which were selected for the exhibition must be sent through a registration panel provided by the Organiser by 12 May 2019.
    11. Technical requirements: we accept TIFF files (with LZW compression) prepared for B1 format: 70 cm x 100 cm with 200 DPI, in CMYK mode and without bleeds. All posters must be oriented vertically.
  3. §3. The qualification of posters

    1. Works which don’t meet the above-mentioned requirements will be disqualified.
    2. Posters will be selected by an international jury appointed by the Organiser.
    3. The complete, official results will be announced on 14 May 2019 on our website: www.rollerposter.pl
    4. Works which passed through the selection will be exhibited, among other places, at Łasztownia in Szczecin around May/June 2019.
  4. §4. Other

    1. The Organiser takes care of the printing costs of the posters accepted for the exhibition.
    2. The posters will officially become a part of the Roller Poster collection and archives.
    3. The Organiser does not reimburse the participants for lodging or travel expenses.
  5. §5. The author’s statement

    1. The author of the posters provides Generalnie Sztuka Foundation a limited license for using pieces [forth: “Artwork”], sent in a digital format to Roller Poster.
    2. The author declares that:
      • completely independently did the posters;
      • his copyrights and property rights to the Artworks are not in any way restricted or encumbered with third-party rights, and these Artworks do not breach the rights of any third parties;
      • did not grant to anyone the license entitling to use poster sent to Roller Poster;
      • has only the right to grant permits for the disposition and use of the sent Artworks;
      • rights and permits, referred to later in this statement, include all rights and permits necessary for the operation of the Artworks in the areas defined below.
    3. In case of a third party statement against the Generalnie Sztuka Foundation with claims based on breaching its rights, the Author is obliged to:
      • to meet the claims in full and thus exemption the Generalnie Sztuka Foundation from the obligation to pay;
      • in case of judicial redress by the third party resulting from the above provisions against Generalnie Sztuka Foundation, the Author will be obliged to join the Generalnie Sztuka Foundation in trail and undertaking any act in order to dismiss from participation in the case.
    4. The author provides the non-exclusive license to Generalnie Sztuka Foundation to use Artworks sent to Roller Poster in the following fields of use:
      • distribution of the Artwork i.e. public exhibition, display, emitting, and also publicly disclosing the Artowrk in such ways that everyone was able to have access to it from a place and at a time individually chosen by them,
      • recording on paper, on information carriers (cd, dvd, memory cards, usb, vhs, others) in an unlimited number of copies, multiplication using reprographic devices, copying devices, printing and computer techniques in an unlimited number of copies, saving them into the computer memory, placing a copy of the Artwork on the market, as well as the image of the Artwork in a fixed form, in particular the Generalnie Sztuka Foundation is allowed to reproduce the artwork in catologues (in printed and electronic version), leaflets, studies on exhibitions on which it will be issued; published on the Internet e.g. On the website rollerposter.pl, on social media, etc.
    5. The license mentioned in hereby statement has is non-exclusive and is granted free of charge for a period of 5 years.
    6. After the period specified in paragraph 5 above, the license is transformed into a free non-exclusive license for an indefinite period.
    7. The license referred to in this statement may not be terminated during the first five years of its validity.
    8. The granting of an unpaid, non-exclusive license for the use of the Artworks begins with the acceptance of the following statement in electronic form, by sending application form on the website rollerposter.pl
    9. Generalnie Sztuka Foundation is entitled to granting to other entities - in the areas mentioned above - a sub-license for the use of the Artwork.
  6. §6. Consent for publishing and processing personal data

    1. Author gives consent to publish name and surname of the published works on the Roller Poster official website, and in any statements, announcements and information regarding.
    2. Author gives consent to processed personal data in the field: name and surname of the work author, e-mail address by the Data Administrator, which is the Generalanie Sztuka Foundation with its registered office in Szczecin within the scope of carrying out and implementing the Roller Poster.
  7. §7. Information clause

    1. According to art. 24 sec. 1 of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922), we inform that: the administrative operator of Yours personal data is Generalnie Sztuka Foundation with its registered office at ul. Horeszków 25/8, 71-215 Szczecin, Poland, e-mail: kontakt@generalniesztuka.pl KRS: 0000727863, NIP: 8522643787, REGON: 369991513
    2. Each person providing his or her personal data on the website has the option of: modifying their data and removing them. Both modifications and deletions of data can be claimed by writing an appropriate e-mail to the following address: kontakt@generalniesztuka.org.