Terms & Conditions of the website Roller Poster

  1. §1. General Provisions

    1. Herein terms & conditions contain general terms of using Roller Poster website distributed under the name Roller Poster and available in Internet network under the domain www.rollerposter.pl.
    2. Roller Poster website operated by Generalnie Sztuka Foundation with the registered office in Szczecin, entered to the register of entrepreneurs and register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations, and individual public health care units kept by the XIII Economic Division of the National Court Register the District Court Szczecin-Centrum (Szczecin-Center) in Szczecin under the KRS (National Court Register) number :0000727863, REGON (Registry of National Economy number): 369991513, NIP (Tax ID number): 8522643787.
    3. Personal Data Administrator is Generalnie Sztuka Foundation with registered office at ul. Horeszków 25/8, 71-215 Szczecin, e-mail: kontakt@generalniesztuka.pl KRS: 0000727863, NIP: 8522643787, REGON: 369991513. Providing the personal data is voluntary. Each person, whose personal data are being processed by the Service Provider, has right to view their content, and to update, modify and remove them.
  2. §2. Definitions

    Register form
    the form allows the user to create an account on the Website.
    User Account
    available to the User after successful log-in, the account allows to i.e. Participate in Roller Poster, modify processed personal data, password change or e-mail change.
    Terms & Conditions
    herein terms & conditions.
    Terms & Conditions of Roller Poster Edition
    terms & conditions of respective edition of Roller Poster Poster that specify terms and conditions of participation in Roller Poster Poster. Separate document published and available on the Website.
    Account-creating process on the Website. The activity is carried out by filling the register form in accordance to the given description of the form fields, and then confirming the form by the registration confirmation button. Due the registration the users create an account and gain ability to log-in to the Website.
    Roller Poster
    International Festival of Self-Edition Poster organized from 2018 by Generalnie Sztuka Foundation.
    Roller Poster website within the meaning of the provisions of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights, serviced by Generalnie Sztuka Foundation and distributed under the name Roller Poster, available in Internet network under the domain www.rollerposter.pl.
    a natural entity, legal entity or organizational unit without legal personality, to whom an act has granted a legal capacity, which uses the services provided by Roller Poster website, recipient.
    Electronic service
    a service rendered electronically by the Service Provider on behalf of the Recipient through Roller Poster Website.
    Service Provider
    Generalnie Sztuka Foundation with registered office at ul. Horeszków 25/8, 71-215 Szczecin, e-mail: kontakt@generalniesztuka.pl KRS: 0000727863, NIP: 8522643787, REGON: 369991513.
  3. §3. Terms of using the Website

    1. The goal of the Service is to allow the Users to participate in Roller Poster, publish artists’ works which qualified to Roller Poster, and to publish an art-related content.
    2. Using the Website means accepting the provisions of the Terms & Conditions.
    3. The use of the Website is free of charge.
    4. Access to the website is available to everyone who has an Internet connection. It takes place under the terms of this Terms & Conditions.
    5. Using the Website requires meeting following technical requirements:
      1. Internet access
      2. Devices with a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE/Edge, in versions not older than one year) that accepts the cookies.
    6. Intellectual property rights, especially copyrights to all content available on the Website in terms of graphical, verbal and verbal-graphic elements, navigational solutions, selection and layout of the content presented on the Website are subject to legal protection and are entitled to Generalnie Sztuka Foundation or entities that Generalnie Sztuka Foundation entered into appropriate agreements.
    7. The user has right to use every material on the Website only within the scope of allowed use. Using the materials in different scope is allowed only based on an express consent given by an authorized person.
    8. In the case of a violation of these Terms & Conditions and/or laws, the Administrator has the right to deprive the User of the use of the Website or restrict access to certain parts of it, with immediate effect.
  4. §4. Electronic services

    1. The agreement for the provision of services is concluded when the User performs any activities on the Website.
    2. The Service Provider provides free of charge electronic services to Users, including enabling participation in Roller Poster’s Authorial Poster Review by creating the User Account and sending the application through a dedicated application form.
    3. Service to participate in Roller Poster involves sending artworks - authorial posters, in stated by the Service Provider format through a dedicated application form. To participate in the Review each User has to create the account on the website. Terms and rules of participation in Roller Poster are stated in separate Terms & Conditions of Roller Poster Edition.
    4. Using the user Account is possible after performing certain activities by a User: fulfilling the register form, clicking “Create Account”, and confirming the will to create the Account by clicking the link, that was automatically send to the e-mail address, to confirm registration. It is necessary by the User to give following information: name and surname or name of the graphic studio, country, e-mail address, and password.
  5. §5. Personal data

    1. The administrator of the personal data that were gathered through the Website is Generalnie Sztuka Foundation.
    2. The personal data of the Users are gathered according to their will - in order to perform the agreements for rendering the Electronic Service.
    3. Each person that gives their personal data on the website can modify their data, and to remove them. Both data modification and removal may be sought by sending an appropriate e-mail under the address: kontakt@generalniesztuka.org.
    4. At the request of the person, Generalnie Sztuka Foundation will inform in accordance to the applicable law whether and what personal data of this person has been collected on the website.
    5. Browsing the website http://rollerposter.pl does not involve the provision of personal data.
    6. The administrator does not transmit personal data to third parties. However, the Administrator may order technical service of the website to third parties that may have access to the personal data.
    7. The administrator does not intend to transmit the personal data to third countries (outside EU). The administrator may make available given personal data to national authorities by their binding decisions or judgments.
    8. All questions to the service administrator should be directed to the address: kontakt@generalniesztuka.org
  6. §6. Final provisions

    1. In matters not covered by this Agreement, the provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular: The Civil Code and the Act on Electronic Services of July 18, 2002 (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 144, item 1204, as amended).
    2. Disputes arising in connection to Terms & Conditions will be settled by competent common courts.